Upgrading to i7 965 socket 1366

Should i buy now or wait, is it a good time taking into consideration the upcoming new tech as well as its effect on the prices of the current market products,
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  1. what do you advise i go for, most reviews advise i7 920 but my problem that i got used to see 4ghz more is good less wont be happy with the upgrade, so if the 950 920 gets me there i don't have a problem but no one is sticking their head on that, last review i read was good, the conclusion was that it is your luck to get a good clockable 920
  2. You're currently on a Pentium D, right?

    If so, an i7 even at 3.6-3.8GHz will walk all over a 4.2-4.4GHz Pentium D, even on single threaded tasks. It would be so much faster in every way, despite the clockspeed disadvantage. Besides, almost all D0 920s are capable of 4GHz on good cooling.
  3. ^ an i7 at 3GHz would walk over a 7GHz P4, let alone a 4.4GHz one.
  4. for sure the Pentium D is long dead even if it is 7ghz :), but seeing the 4ghz is something else beside the speed it is something self satisfying for me, so with all your help i will go for the i7 920, i already have the coolermaster v10 which support the i7 will it help the 920 reach at least the 4ghz? is the Corsair Dominator-GT 6Gb 3x2 PC15000 DDR3 1866MHz worth the money?
  5. ^ no dominator set is worth the money.
  6. so what do you have i mind if not the dominator which i see is good but very expensive
  7. There's apparently no appreciable difference in RAM speeds to system performance on the i7 platform. I've seen marginal benefits with tighter timings.

    You can save yourself a truckload of cash by going i7 920 D0 stepping as people have said (but don't expect your V10 to cool it properly past 3.6GHz - that thing really is a disappointment and ass-kicked by a £35 Scythe Mugen 2) and going something like 1600MHz OCZ Reaper at 7-7-7-20 or even some Patriot Viper 8-8-8-24 and tighten it up a little.
  8. Ive seen nothing but good reviews on the v10 with i7.

    Just checked reviews, dont listen to the above poster. V10 stomps his suggestion.
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