Excruciatingly long boot time

I am trying to get my boot time much lower and have hit a wall. Right now my system takes over a minute to boot up so that it is usable and, according to Soluto, it takes 2:30 to fully boot! My computer has a 80 GB Intel X25-M SSD as a boot drive, a Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB data drive, GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4 mobo, 8 GB RAM, and an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz cpu. It is running Win 7 Pro. AHCI is enabled in my BIOS. I have the latest BIOS version, my OS is up to date, and the latest drivers are installed. I could really use some advice on how to get the boot time dropped. I believe it should be around only 30 seconds so there is something really stalling this thing out. HELP! Thanks!
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  1. Run a scan with "malwarebytes", also you could "WinKey+R" --> type "msconfig" <enter> --> "startup" tab, and disable anything that is non-microsoft, or programs that you do not want to start up right away. **Be very careful, you can render your PC useless if you disable the wrong items...**

    I would also pick up ccleaner (clean your registry and PC), and run a chkdsk on c:\. Disable win defrag, and just defrag when you want it to... That crap will run in the background if you do not disable it. Make sure you have min 15% free space, anything less will make you run slow as hell. Move the PageFile over to the other drive.

    See if any of those tips help!
  2. I actually had already removed most everything from the msconfig list b4 I posted this :) I am currently running scans with malwarebytes and will get back to you on that. I run ccleaner regularly but it does not help with this matter. I checked, but defrag was already disabled for the SSD. Also, I have ~ 21% free space on it currently. Will try moving the pagefile to see how that works.
  3. OK, I moved the pagefile, but that had no effect either! I do have AHCI enabled on my mobo as well. HELP!!!
  4. Did you load win7 onto the ssd or did you image it from an hdd? There may be an alignment issue.
  5. adampower said:
    Did you load win7 onto the ssd or did you image it from an hdd? There may be an alignment issue.

    I installed it from a DVD, no image was used.
  6. There are some issues where Windows itself will hang until a timeout occurs if certain conditions occur - this has nothing to do with the SSD at all. I have a USB KVM switch and I suspect it of causing occasional boot timeouts. There was also an issue of a 30- to 60-second pause if you had the desktop background set to a solid colour - this has supposedly been fixed with a patch but if you don't have updates enabled it could still be an issue.
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