Low FPS while gaming with GTX260

hi guys,
my brother and i are playing the same online game like Counter Strike. his computer is using AMD 5600 2.8 2 core CPU, 2G DDR2 RAM, 9800GT graphic card. my conputer is using AMD 8400 2.1 x3 CPU, 3G DDR2 RAM, GTX260 graphic card, 650watt power supply. now my question is why i got lower FPS than he did while gaming. is there a problem with my GTX260 or this cause by my CPU frequency? we are exactly playing in the same settings and never overclock the CPU/graphic card. please give my some help. thanks a lot!
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  1. It's not your Nvidia GTX260
    ggajbrian, only when it comes to gaming the AMD athlon X2 can perform bit better then the firts Phenom X3,X4

    take a look at this CPU Chat list

    I believe you are limiteding your graphics card performance.
  2. Yeahp Zafer is right...now counterstrike isn't a gpu heavy game so even a card under the tier of your brothers card could do better then you with a high clocked dual core like your borthers...if this was say....some game thats heavier on textures etc then your faster gpu and more memory would trump him IF you weren't limited by the cpu which you would be...

    You have a really really bad combination of parts there...Phenom I's are bad overclockers from what i have heard and at your current speed you are WASTING that 260 gtx....you would have been alot better off getting a new powerful quad or tri core cpu and going for the 140$ and below graphics card market...

    I recommend selling your CPU and if you can't use the motherboard for a phenom II cpu sell that as well also you should just sell your ram+cpu+mobo as one...make a few bucks off of that and get a 940BE and a cheap motherboard with 4gbs of new ram....THAT will unlock the full potential of your 260gtx....

    Don't forget a nice cpu cooler so you can overclock to your hearts content.....

    Heh iv got an AMD 6000+ and a 260GTX +4gbs of ram....my rig owns yours...jk jk im not that childish :P
  3. thank you guy! my CPU is sick. i am going to replace it. the socket is AM2. do you have some good ideas?
  4. Hmmm im not sure.....just wondering if you would like to get rid of that cpu though as i would definitely be interested in picking up a cheap upgrade for a pc i have lying around

    Private message me if interested!
  5. ggajbrian said:
    thank you guy! my CPU is sick. i am going to replace it. the socket is AM2. do you have some good ideas?

    Have you not been answered already in your previous thread?
  6. i find that E8400 does not fit for my socket. i am using AM2, most of the CPU that i want to buy doesnt fit for it. im wondering if a AM3 CPU fit for AM2 socket?
  7. Only if you have an AM2+ board, iirc.
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