What do I need to obtain for computer besides main components?

This is my first build and first time ordering the components online. I think I know what the main components are that I need to order online, but is there anything else I might be missing, that I should order or obtain for when I am putting together the system?

My main components are:

case: antec p183
core i7 920
asus p6t deluxe v2
geforce gtx 285
corsair 750w tx
g. skill 6GB DDR3 memory
monitor (not yet determined)
1 hard drive
1 optical drive
vista home premium 64-bit OEM

screw driver
bowl for parts

After market components I am aware of and will need to order:

fans that are quieter than stock fans
heatsink and fan for cpu, and thermal paste (better than stock)

Is there anything else such as cables, extra screws, etc?

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  1. It really depends what you want out of your system. A fan controller would be a good idea, but with your case choice you wouldn't be able to put one in. Other than that, cable sleeves would be a good idea for cable management and u-channel molding if you plan to cut the mobo tray for extra cable management.
  2. What I want out of my system... I want quiet as well as ease of control over my computer. I am aware of the controller switch on the p183 for the rear and top fan, but if I replace those fans with the most quiet fans, am I still able to use the same switch?

    For other fans in the case, why couldn't I buy a fan controller? If I couldn't buy a fan controller, couldn't I still control them from the motherboard? (I'm so new at this part).

    cable sleeves, thanks.

    as for extra cable management, is cutting the motherboard tray needed? I though it had pretty good management? I know the p180 didn't, though.
  3. Just get some internal fan controllers, I just favor external. You don't have to cut the mobo tray but it does help alot in terms of cable management. If you want to make yourself a window buy an acrylic sheet, U-channel, and tape (watch mnpctech's video tutorial).
  4. Windows 7 RC x64:

    You can get this free, it's as stable as Vista then you can buy it probably by Christmas. Don't get Vista at this point when Windows 7 will soon be here. I've tested it, it's awesome in many ways that aren't immediately obvious.

    You should have:
    - a good Heat Sink + 120mm fan for the CPU (and controlled via the motherboard)
    - 2x 120mm case fans (as low flow, CFM, as you can. Just to move the hot air out)

    Yeah, there's onboard audio. I'd get an Auzen X-Fi 7.1 Prelude. For speakers, the M-Audio AV40 ( a little expensive but worth it).
  5. Is the 120mm fan for the cpu part of the heatsink/fan combo I am looking for or are you referring to a side fan for the case?
  6. @photoboy

    I think you've forgotten that win7 is just vista sp2 with some extra's added on so it will be slower than Vista SP2.
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