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Ok i have get the CPU magazine and each time they have a custom mod
i would like to make my mod ill of course buy the parts but i want to make the case like the others do is there case DIY kit where they send you the tools and plastic and you design your own case?

anyone know? :bounce:
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  1. What you usually need for a case mod:
    A good rotary tool (aka Dremel) with plenty of cutting disks, burrs,etc
    A good drill and jigsaw with good blades/bits
    Sand paper (80-1000grits)
    1/8" Acrylic,etc
    Good quality spray paint (Duplicolor or House of Kolor)

    AFAIK there are no "kits" for case mods. These parts can be found at Homedepot,etc.
  2. I've never seen a complete DIY kit with tools. Typically the modders start with a pc case. They either purchase or make case mod items. case mod items are available from online vendors. Tools are purchased separately.

    One of the best ways to learn about DIY case mods is to watch the case mod videos over at Here's the link: also has tutorials at their own web site.
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