Looking for a PSU for my old Compaq S4000t

Ok, I'm beginning to think this is mission impossible:
I've got an old Compaq S4000T with a factory 128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and 250W PSU.
I'm looking to give a little life to this old machine (not really looking to buy a whole new computer right now, my main use will be for gaming with Flight Simulator 2004). I'm looking to get this new video card:

However, it says it requires a minimum 450W power supply. I was going to get a good 600W-700W PSU to ensure a little extra breathing room. I am willing to shell out over a hundred bucks for this new PSU.
Here's the hitch: It has to fit in a 3.25in(H) x 5.5in(D) x 6.0in(W) spot.

Does such a PSU exist? It needs to have a 20 pin connector, an ATX12v (P4), a floppy, and at least 4 peripherals.

Finally, if this really is mission impossible, is there any way to use a larger PSU then what fits in the position?

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  1. It depends on how precious looks are to you. You can always just place the PSU outside/on top of the computer, leaving the chassis open and naked for the world to see. Or you could get a set of power tools and mod the case for those extra half inches.
  2. So basically if I don't care what it looks like (I don't) I can just stick the PSU on top of my case and put the cables in through the spot where the PSU should be? Thats just fine with me, this thing is going to be well hidden anyways!
  3. don't forget to secure the PSU so that it doesn't fall off due to vibrations of the fans duct taping it to the top may be useful (don't cover fan or breathing holes....)
  4. will do, thanks for the tip :-)
  5. also if ur rig has a Pentium 4... FSX likes processing power for autogen so umm, well i guess you must be used to it by now so meh.

    FSX is one of those games that can actually use an i7 looooool
  6. Well, I'm still using FS9, which seems to run ok on a P4... Might as well throw in this question though while we're talking about it: Right now with the way this system is set up 1.5Gig RAM, 128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz (Dual Core), I have an issue with FS9 where after a short time the textures to very blurry, but a simple right click seems to "reset" and it goes back to ok again. Will a new, better, video card fix all that?
  7. err its P4 so its not a true dual core, its only HT (or fake dual core)

    its like the new i7s, they are native quad core and HT enabled which makes them fake 8-core (whats the name again, is it octocore?)

    maybe, what res you are running at, it could be that the vram on ur gfx is maxing out and cannot hold all the textures....

    but seriously look here:

    they saw that with a native dual core A64 X2 (which kicks the ass out of that netburst pos, sorry to say that to ya but its the truth lol) was being CPU bottle necked in those games!

    It may be time to kick the horse and go for a 500 dollar upgrade...
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