Use EVGA Volt program to improve GTX260 ocing?

i have an GTX 260 core 216 at 680/1466/1202...

i tried 702/1451/1205... it works fine on Crysis, until i saw some weird ass artifacts, then i know 680 is my limit.

Question is, is using the EVGA Voltage program allow me to OC better and hopefully no artifacts?
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  1. Don't go googling it or anything you know as i would hate to not have another + to my post count....if you don't have an evga card check out this thread as well...
  2. oh good, mine's EVGA, what's next? safe voltages and all that?
  3. Google :non:
  4. hey, you want your post count up, remember?
  5. It's all physics. Hardware limitations are just that. If you are already getting artifacts on your GPU overclock settings, I would think applying more voltage would create more heat and instability, just an opinion.

    I run my XFX GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 at 750 Mhz core 1160 Mhz memory bus 1617 Mhz Shader with 70% fan completely stable on stock volts and no heat issues. 18,250 = 3DMark06 score w/e8400 at 4 Ghz.
  6. oh wait... your memory speed is lower than mine... can you increase the core and shader clocks a bit more if i lower the memory clock a bit?
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