Quality vs Performance... or is it?

I have Intel Core2Duo E8200 (Bus speed 1333) and I have choice of MSI P45D3 Neo-F (DDR3) and MSI P7N Zilent (DDR2). Memory price is not a issue.

Just wondering if I should go with the High Quality DDR2 (P7N Zilent) or Mid Quality DDR3 board (P45D3 Neo)?

And if you recommend DDR2 board which memory: DDR2-667 (because of 1333 bus of CPU) or DDR2-800 (because ... it's faster)?

I am undecided about quality vs performance, that's why I am asking you.

I am computer savvy
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  1. I would pick the msi p45d3 since you have to buy memory; ddr3 prices have dropped to the same level as ddr2, about $70 for a 2x2gb kit at newegg or frys.
  2. You think I should go for low quality because of DDR3 price? But that's what I told you to ignore - RAM prices. Thanks for your reply anyway, I appreciate it.

    It's just choice between Quality DDR2 or Performance DDR3
  3. Why you are basing your decision between these 2 boards based on memory type is just completely baffeling, they have no similarities between them at all? Usually when someone narrows their choices down, it is between 2-3 boards that at least have similar features. These 2 boards are as different as night and day, and quality has nothing to do with it.
  4. You got point there... I agree that they are different, but my story is very veeeery long and I don't want to bother you (and my keyboard :) ) with that. I am in that situation that I can choose either of those two boards and appropriate RAM memory. So, no other options for me...

    My real question can be formed like this:
    If You had this choice in front of you... what would you do?

    P.S. I should have made this a poll :D
  5. I would still go for a ddr3 board at this point in time, due to future upgradability. You'll change boards again at some point, and ddr3 boards may be your only choice next time. That way you can reuse your old memory.
  6. Update: another reason to go with a ddr3 board. For the first time today, newegg and others are actually selling ddr3 cheaper than ddr2.
  7. They're differentiated by performance or speed bin, which has nothing to do with quality. e.g. a 300 hp engine doesn't make more hp than a 200 hp engine because one is 'higher' quality. It makes 100 hp more because its designed or configured to. The 300 hp engine could be a major turd in quality, whereas the 200 hp engine could be world-class quality.
  8. Okey dokey then. IMHO, get the DDR3 board. It is a more modern platform that allows more upgrade options.
    The other reason, I simply think that nVidia chipsets are junk.
    This is not to be confused with nVidia graphic cards, and I do not have a thing against nVidia other than their motherboard chipsets. They are simply inferior to Intel and AMD chipsets.
    So, I vote for the P45D3 Neo-F
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