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M4A78T-E raid for windows and linux dual boot

Last response: in Motherboards
November 4, 2009 2:04:29 PM

I'm new to raid and would like to configure a RAID10 array, using four identical 1 TB hard drives. Additionally, I would like the total of 2 TB availbale in this configuration to be seperated into two 1 TB partitions, where one partition would have Windows and the other Linux. Is this possible with an ASUS motherboard's (M4A78T-E) onboard controller? If so, how would this be done - i.e. would I need to install windows first with the supplied raid drivers and then linux, or vice versa?

Any help is appreciated!
November 4, 2009 4:36:22 PM

im not big on linux, but if your trying to to raid 0 with the windows, your mobo does support raid 0, asus should have giving you a cd with the drivers for the raid controller if not already provided in your windows OS. If you cant seem to get the raid drivers off the cd go to there website and find them. At windows install you need to load those drivers and it should be ok after that for doing raid. I would imagine that it might be a little bit more difficult on linux and there are solutions out there non of which i know, but windows i should be no problem. It probably doesn't matter which os u install first, but windows is more plausible.