Hitachi Deskstar 3TB 7K3000 review

Hi guys,

I'm looking to fill a NAS with 3TB disks, currently the only drives I can get hold of are the Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green and the Hitachi Deskstar 3TB 7K3000.

The NAS I'm buying is high performance and so I am considering the Deskstars, they're also £12 cheaper, but I'm unable to find any reviews on these drives.

Does anyone have a link to reviews/benchmarks for these drives or do we know if there are any big players on the immediate horizon I should turn my head to?

Many thanks
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  1. are you sure it's shipping? It's not even listed at newegg (they have the 7k1000 though )
  2. For any who are interested the drive looks rather impressive in many instances.
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