No Audio on BioStar G3-M7 TE

Bought this board for an inexpensive Win 2000 box. Everything seems to operate fine, except I cannot get the audio working. I downloaded the latest audio drivers from the Mfr's Website but no go. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

BioStar G31-M7 TE
Intel Celeron 430
1 GB DDr2 800
Win2000 SP2
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  1. BIOS setup > South Bridge Config > Audio Controller > Azalia (Choices are: Azalia and All Disabled)

    OS: Win2000 SP2

    Control Panel > Sounds & Multimedia: No Playback or Recording devices are available.

    Device Manager > No Audio devices.

    -Only thing I can figure is that the onboard audio may be dead. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.
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