Booting from SSD and changing primary/main to a larger drive

Forgive me is this is posted elsewhere already but I couldn't find the right way to go about this.
Have a new build w/64Gb SSD. The OS (win 7) is installed to the SSD and there is a secondary 1.5tb as storage.

I want to boot from the SSD but I want all other programs to automatically install to my large drive. So Program Files and User info would all be on the 1.5TB drive.
From what I've read editing the registry is the correct way to do this but I can't find specific instructions.

Thanks in advance....
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  1. Program Files and User folders are always in c drive together with windows folder. That is by design. You cannot change them, afaik.

    You can installed programs and save files to other drive.
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    Easy as cake ... piece of pie. I have always done this manually with each program install...easy enough to do by selecting "Change Location" during the install process.

    But for making windows change it's behavior, here ya go. These were the 1st two of 13 mil Yahoo search hits

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