Someone Please Give Me A Straight Answer!!

Hello all, long time viewer of these baords, first time poster. I come here for a lot of information but I see a lot of Squabbling when this question Im abotu to ask is asked. I am struggling to make up my mind. And before I continue ill tell you what my PC is and I would appreciate a simple answer please :)

AMD Phenom II 940 Quad BE @ 3ghz (Stock clock)
8gig HyperX Kingston DDR2 @ 1066mhz
GMA78-DS3HP Motherboard (Gigabyte) PCIe Slots Run at 16x(Main)/4x(Second)
9800 GTX 512mb Card

I dont think I need to tell you anything else unless you kindly ask for it :)

My Question is, I'm on the prowl to get 1 or 2 new Video cards. What should I get?

$$$$ Are Not an issue. But please dont turn around to me and say a 295 or a 4870x2 Unless its Viable. What I do have my heart set on is;

2x4870's 1gig Crossfired AU$271 per card ($542 in total).
4890 AU$353.
285 AU$509
4970x2 AU$589

Now the reason I ask this is because tonnes of poeple say the 4890 is fractionally slower than the 285 or the OC'd card can beat the 285 in some cases. 2 4870's Crossfired are the same price nearly as 1 285, are 2 4870's better than 1 285 with my Motherboard only running a 2nd PCIe Slot at 4x. These are the sort of things I need answered.

I'm jsut really confused and when I go to buy it I want to buy the right one I dont want to get it then regret it. I am Also prepared to spend less money if it gives me almost or as good as perfomance as the cards above it. I dont necessarily want the best card but a very good or best combination.

Thank you in advance for your help :)
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  1. Don't run a 2nd 4870 on a 4x pci-e bus. You might be ok with another 9800gtx on it however, at least you'd lose less than what you would with a 4870 in there.
  2. Sorry I forgot to mention its not an SLi Board only Cross fire so I cant have 2 Nvidia cards. (I can have 2 Nvidia Cards but I cant Sli them) is what I should say. :)
  3. What resoloution are you using, and how much AA do you use?

    I would suggest a fast single card rather than Crossfiring, your MB is PCI-E 2.0 which has twice the bandwidth of the older versions but would still limit a fast card, and therefore the whole Crossfire system.
  4. ^+1, biggest badass card you can afford.
  5. .. 4890 oc to 1ghz... and spend the rest to plant some trees... you wont regret it.. cheers...
  6. Considering those crazy AUS prices, the 4890 definitely seems the best value and bang for your buck. OC it to 950-1000MHz and you have a GTX 285 beater for $156 AUS less.

    This is a no-brainer.
  7. Thanks everyone for your Reply, After continuing my quest for information I did read a lot about the 4890 OC'd being able to keep up with the 285. So I am going to go for that card. The resolution im running at the moment is 1680x1050 but I do have a 1920x1200 Screen also whcih I will get back soon. So thanks for your help and btw irish, dude a 295 as it came out was Overkill, that monster you linked is like................. WTF who needs that????

    Thanks again for all your help :)
  8. Ummm, the x2 cards run on only 1 PCI slot, so, you wont lose any performance at all on the x16 slot with a x2 card. Just a thought
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