Hitachi XL2000 Desk 2TB concerns

The first one I received was DOA, and I was sent a replacement which I am now using.

HD Sentinel rates the drive at 100% Health, which is reassuring. However, it also shows it as running at a temperature of 55c. Even when data is not being written or read, it remains at this temperature, which is in HD sentinel's "red zone" for drive temperatures. Also the drive's temperature has been steadily climbing since I connected it, so that indicates to me that it may reach even higher levels. I have two internal drives, one running at 31c and one at 37c.

Hitachi Specs list operating temperature for the drive as "5-35c."So I am wondering, are the temperatures I'm getting now matter for concern, and, if so, sufficient grounds for returning the drive as defective?

I also notice the drive is extremely loud when writing, far louder than any other drive I have had before. But I'm assuming that is not necessarily a sign of a bad drive, if all else seems to be in normal bounds. So it is the temperature issue I am mainly concerned about.
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  1. use it as normal and treat it like any hdd - DONT TRUST IT

    never forget to back your data up aka 2 seperate copies atleast depending on importance

    external hdd caddys are ovens, they do run hot, there not designed for replacement for internal storage and 55 isnt too hot but life span shortens with higher temps yes
  2. thanks for your reply.

    the temperature of the drive kept rising throughout the day, and went all the way up to 65c during periods of activity.

    I've decided to return the drive for another brand, since the temps far exceed hitachi's specs, and I've always read that temps over 60 can be damaging to an HDD.

    just don't want to take the increased risk of failure, especially with a 2TB drive.
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