120mm to 140mm fan adapter

Hey all, im looking at getting the nzxt tempest, and i want to replace some of the fans in it, especially the top 140mm fans.... i was wondering whether u can replace the 140mm with 120mm, and get some kind of adapter to fit it in?

the stock nzxt fans are 140mm --> 29-39CFM @ 10.8dba..rather a weak airflow effort
coolermaster rifle blue LED 120mm (what i want to put in): 89.9CFM $16.40aud
or should i just go and get some CoolerMaster Silent 140mm fans, and put them in the top?? they do 60.9 CFM.... and cost more at $19.00 aud

anyone know if u can get 120mm to 140mm fans adapters in AUSTRALIA?! , or whether the tempest can fit 120mm fans in the 140mm holes at the top of the case?
and should i leave the stock 140mm, and just point the CPU cooler (scythe mugen 2...dual fans) out the back, and put a high CFM fan in there?

any help is greatly appreciated

BTW: im in australia, so i can't get many high CFM 140mm fans, like the Scythe Maru 2000rpm etc...high delta fans (140mm)
BTW again: all things are mainly from (aussie site), and CM blue LED rifles from
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    My suggestion would be to orient the cpu heatsink so that the heatsink fans blows air toward the exhaust fan on the rear panel of the case. If you want you can replace the fan on the rear panel with a higher volume fan of the same size. That's the easiest, least complicated thing to do.
  2. yeah ok....that makes sense...

    nzxt tempest 120mm fans: 65-81CFM
    ive got 2 coolermaster rifles: 90CFM

    so where should i put the rifles to get the best airflow? 1 in the back exhaust, and 1 on the CPU cooler? this will mean ill have an extra stock-nzxt fan without LEDs....that'll i'll keep for something...

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