16x Hard Drives,2x Sata Cards, some not connecting?

So I have a Norco 4220 Server with 16, 2TB Hard Drives, I have 4 of them connected through a reverse breakout cable, and I have 2 AOC-SASLP-MV8 which connect the other 12 drives. SF8087 to the backplane with the same connector. the first AOC card, all 8 of the drives load up just fine. In fact the AOC-Card in the startup sees all of the drives but when I get into windows (7 x64 ultimate) some of the hard drives from the 2nd card don't show up. I have tried to figure out a common factor but there doesn't appear to be any, its not a specific slot that isn't working, it isn't a specific drive that's not working, I really am baffled. 1-3 of them randomly appear but I can never get all 4 to show up. Any Ideas?
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  1. So, (I know it is wildly inappropriate grammatically to start a sentence with so), I put the 4 drives connected through the reverse breakout cable onto the 2nd SATA card and restarted, all but two of the drives showed up (2 which came from the reverse breakout) but then I switched all 4 back to the reverse breakout line, so now all of the drives are showing up but I don't want to restart in fear of losing them again. so I guess for now I can just never ever restart my server ever again. but once again if this adds any clues, I would love to find a permanent fix.
  2. If anyone else is having this issue I solved it, I had a GPU in the first PCI Lane and the two expansion cards in lanes 2 and 3, I switched the 2 expansion cards into 1 and 2 and the GPU to 3 and everything works dandy for some reason.
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