Realtek ac97 xp sp2 32bit

sound wont work
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  1. You can unistall the sound card by following the below steps.

    1. Right click on My Computer
    2. Select Manage
    3. Open Device Manager
    4. In Device Manager expand Sound Video and Game Controllers
    5. Right click on Realtek AC97
    6. Click on Uninstall
    7. Restart the computer

    Check the Control Panel \ Sound and Audio Devices \ Volume. Check if the volume slider now enabled or still grayed out?
  2. If the previous advice didn't work, try the following, part is repeated, so ignore it.

    First of all you need to check in the Control Panel \ Sound and Audio devices \ Audio tab \ if the controls are grayed-out, go to Start \ Run \ and type "devmgmt.msc" (no quotes), hit Enter \ and under Sound Video and Game devices \ you will find the Sound Card make/model... right click the sound card and select Uninstall, and restart the computer. (If you have trouble identifying the sound card, install Speccy and look under Audio for the make/model).

    If the sound hasn't been restored after the restart, install a System Information application... either Speccy, Aids32, Everest Home, etc. (Speccy is simple and easy read) and see under Audio, the sound card make and model... and with the sound card information, you can google for drivers or better yet if you look in the system information application under Motherboard, copy the model, and go to the motherboard manufacturer website, look in support \ Downloads \ Drivers... a sound card driver is usually avilable for update.

    After the download, if the driver is in a rar or zip file, extract the include files to a folder you create in the C:\Program files folder... (example: C:\Program files\Dell Drivers) then execute the setup.exe file and if the download is an .exe file, just execute it and follow the installer instructions... when the installer has finished, your sound and audio will be restored.
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