Vista No graphics board detected?? HELP

My computer started to act strangely this morning. I got no signal to the monitor when i booted. I plugged in the cable to the motherboard instead and got picture. When i checked the hardware, no graphics board was detected. Just something like "standard vga graphics board". It detects none of my graphics boards, neither my 8800gt or my internal graphics board. Because of that i cant install any drivers.
Anyone know how to solve this/what the problem may be?

Anyway, i found out some things...It cant be cpu, memory or psu, because everything else works fine, even under pressure.
It cant be a cooling issue. I checked the temperatures now. The cpu has 50c at pressure, gpu at 45c and the rest 20-35c.

Computer: Athlon X2 6000+ with nt06 extreme cooling with a 120mm fan, asus M2A-VM motherboard, 2gb ocz 800mhz cl4 memory, Corsair CMPSU-450VX 450W PSU, Leadtek 8800GT with HR-03 GT cooler with a 120mm fan, Vista x86 ultimate.
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  1. update: the internal graphics are now working but still no solution for my 8800gt. Any ideas?
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