Need a new cpu air cooler

hello well to start i have a AMD phenom ii 955 black 4.0ghz. My current cpu cooler is a zalman all copper with a 110mm fan.

the one thing im worried about if i go any bigger in cooler size will it crack my board and my board $200 so i don't wont that to happen.

so all i wont to know what is the best CPU air cooler and will it crack or brake my board
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    No it will not crack or break your will maybe crack your board if you didn't screw it tight enough and it falls off...

    Also the best air cooler right now imo is the Noctua NH-D14, Plus it comes with 2 high quality fans. But there are some really good ones out there. If your worried about cracking your board you might wanna look at getting the pre-filled watercooling system. Like the Corsair h70 or the Antec H20.

    Those would be my choices..
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