PC freezes...possible overheating?

Im having this problem when playing oblivion...my computer freezes after some time, sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after minutes.
The image freezes, ctrl alt del doesnt work and the music sometimes stays on, sometimes loops and sometimes turns off. When this happens i have to press the power button in the case for 10 seconds to shut the pc down or unplugg it. after this happens when checking the temp with speed fan i get around 70 degrees C and the CPU around 60 or lower...
also, everyime i play oblivion, or some other 3d application i think the video board makes buzzing sounds

Intel Quad Core q6600 2.4GHz
2GB Ram
nVidia GeForce 8600GS 256mb with silent pipe 2 cooling system, so no fan
250gb hdd
Windows Vista 32bit SP1
not sure of the power supply, possibly 400W

i have a fan on the back of the case that never turns on, sometimes ive seen it move right when starting the computer but just moves 1 cm or so and stops...is there a way to make it spin?
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  1. Test the memory with memtest86+.
    Blow a fan with the side off on the video card and play a game.
    Replace the back fan.
  2. Could be your power supply also.
  3. Open your case, and have a good look at all the capacitors on your motherboard. If you have the older style capacitors (not the solid state ones), if any of them have a bulging top or are leaking, then that would be the problem. The aluminum tops of the capacitors should be perfectly flat.
    If you have swollen capacitors, then the motherboard would have to be replaced. I've heard that you can replace them by soldering on new ones but I haven't had luck with that so far.
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