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I got this computer a couple months ago and I installed a Hyper 212+ last week and now I wish to OC it further.

My build-
AMD Phenom II X4 925 @ 3.3 Ghz
Gskill 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 472MHz (6-6-6-15)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A79XTD EVO (AM3)

My temps are fine since they never go above 40C after 12 hours of Prime95. I don't know what to change to get 3.4 stable.
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  1. Exactly what memory do you have ? link maybe ?
  2. more info

    fsb/nb volt & freq

    cpu volt

    ram type and volt

    the 925 2.8Ghz (native)never came in the BE i dont think so you are not raising the multiplier but where do you have it set? and what steping?
  3. nice scores there green.
  4. RAM

    CPU volt- 1.4125
    Ram volt/fq- 1.52/944 MHz

    I couldn't find the fsb/nb fq cause they're set as auto in bios.

    My multiplier is still at 14, the stepping is 2.
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    I would manually configure your memory to gskill specs first, tcl-9,trcd-9,trp-9,tras-24,trc-33,command rate-2T (@1.52v at least)

    If you can't get your memory to run @1600 at stock clocks in either the blue or black slots and increasing memory voltage doesn't help, drop the memory divider to 1333 (6.66). With a fsb of 240 your memory would be back up to 1598 (blue dimms maybe the key at that high of a freq. on your mb..) If no go drop divider to 1066 (5.33) and use a fsb of 250 which will put you at 1333 (@1333 you can probably do 8-8-8-21-30-1T)

    Raise your nb freq as high as possible and remain stable. If you want to run @1600ish you'll need your nb feq up around 2400, which may require a bump in CPU_NB voltage. (not NB voltage)

    Best bet would be using 5.33 (1066) and a fsb of 250=1333, 250x14=3500MHz at around 1.4 volts. You can lower cpu ratio to lower cpu clock if you want. At 250 and using 5.33 divider that should still give you room to push the memory and cpu further.

    Take HT Link Speed off Auto and keep it between 1800 and 2200, currently running at 2360..
  6. I tired your recommended settings with
    fsb 250
    1.4 v
    1888 HT
    nb fq 2500 (it was either 2000 or 2500)

    And it was not stable, what would the bump in CPU_NB volt be? Or rather whats the standard? Because when i try to raise it, it starts from 0.8, which it says is min, but Idk about the standard volt.

    I'l try more tests after some sleep, thanks for the help.
  7. Standard or stock is 1.17v I believe, start at 1.2v and work up towards 1.3,1.35v or so for 2500.

    Not stable ? Are getting bsod's or restarts during stressing ?

  8. When I was running Prime95, the tests started to stop itself after a minute or two, so I'm guessing it was bound to crash sooner or later, so I didn't more than 5 mins.
  9. "Started to stop itself ? Did you get a "rounding error" on one of the cores ? Rounding errors are usually memory related, ie. memory or cpu_nb voltage too low. Try 1.6 to 1.65v on the memory and 1.25 to 1.35v on cpu

    You are at 9-9-9-24-33-2T correct ? Temps are good ? Have you tried increasing vcore at all ?

    g/l, bbl
  10. Yes, they were rounding errors.

    I tried setting RAM to 1.6 v/ cpu_nb fq to 1.25v and still had the rounding error.

    I am on 9-9-9-24-2T. My temps aren't going above 40C and I have my vcore at 1.4125

    I'l try to raise one thing at a time and testing it now.
  11. Alright after fiddling around with it I finally managed to get it stable at 3.5 GHz. My settings are

    FSB 250
    CPUNB FQ 2250
    CPU VOLT 1.475
    CPUNB VOLT 1.225
    HTLINK 2000
    RAM FQ 1333
    RAM VOLT 1.64
    NB VOLT 1.28

    Thanks for the help
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