Need your help please (my chat session with HP support)

Ok so I was curious about updating all the drivers for my mobo I have a hp A1730n system. Upgraded to Windows & 64bit, 4 gigs of ram and I also changed my power supply and video card. If you dont mind please take a look at the chat log with myself and the Hp support guy and tell me if this is completely wrong or is there truth to this.

Kenneth : I am looking for complete driver updates for the motherboard
Victor : Welcome to HP Total Care for Desktop Computers. My name is Victor. Please give me a minute while I review your problem description details.
Kenneth : ok np
Victor : Hello Kenneth. How are you doing today?
Victor : May I have the detailed description of what has happened?
Kenneth : I upgraded my system to Windows 7 and am interested in updating the bios and other drivers for the mobo that I have
Kenneth : It only offers bios updates for windows vista though
Victor : If I understand correctly, you have upgraded your Operating system from vista to windows7 and you want the drivers for your computer. Am I correct?
Kenneth : yes that is correct
Kenneth : bios, cpu, onboard sound etc
Victor : I understand your concern and I assure my best efforts to resolve the issue.
Victor : In order to assist you in a better way, may I have the serial number and the product number of the computer?
Victor :
The easiest way to pull these details is by holding 'CTRL' key and 'ALT' keys and then press 'S' key on your computer.
Victor : Or you can find it on the top of the tower and also the rear side of the tower. There will be a sticker with HP logo on a white bar coded sticker which is followed by a P/n and an S/n. You can find there.
Kenneth : yes give me one sec please
Victor : Sure, I will stay online.
Victor : Okay, is a1730n is your PC model number?
Kenneth : yes
Kenneth : sn number is xxxxxxxxx
Victor : Thank you for providing the necessary information.
Victor : Kenneth, I will explain you the issue clearly.
Kenneth : k
Victor : HP does not recommend upgrading the Operating System. We support only the pre-installed Operating System.
Victor : However, let me see how I can help you with this.
Victor : Kenneth, as Windows7 is the advaced version of Vista, you can go ahead and install all the vista drivers and it will work with Windows7.
Kenneth : so if I have windows 7 64 bit I should download the vista 64 bit version drivers?
Victor : Yes, Kenneth. You are correct.
Kenneth : ok tyvm for your time.
Victor : Kenneth, I request you to stay online while I provide you with the necessary information regarding desktops.
Kenneth : ok
Victor : I am providing you with the webilnk which has 5 easy ways to speed up your computer.
Victor :
Victor : Please let me know whether you are able to view the web link?
Kenneth : Yes I am able to view it
Victor : Great.
Victor : Was I able to provide all the information required?
Kenneth : yep that will take care of it
Victor : Okay. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Kenneth : nope that will do it
Victor : It’s a pleasure assisting you today. You have been very co-operative throughout the chat. Thank you for your patience and time. Have a nice day.
Victor : Thank you for using HP Total Care and giving us an opportunity to serve you through Real-Time Chat. You can save this chat session if you want for future reference. Please contact us again if you require any further assistance. We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our exclusive Owner Services will help keep all of your HP and Compaq products up and running. Please visit our Web site at:
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  1. Microsoft will update the drivers for you. Many vista drivers work with 7. If you have any problems, check the device manager under "system" in the classic control panel setup. Any device drivers that weren't updated may have a mark next to them. Hp may not need to update it's drivers for your motherboard to run windows 7.
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    ^Many drivers of win vista works on win 7, BUT something like GPU, printers and scanners is better download again.
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