More than 8 drives on 2 port mini-sas controller (adaptec 3805)

I have an adaptec 3805 with 2 mini-sas connectors. adaptec says you can connect upto 128 sata drives to that controller.

currently I have 2 x 1mini-sas to 4 x sata fanout cables allowing to connect 8 drives. now I want to hook up more drives with a rackmount 16 bay hotswap enclosure.

what do i need to buy to connect more than 8 drives ? I assume I would need an adapter that turns the 2 mini-sas into 4 mini-sas.
where do i find that and what is such an adapter called?

are there different types of backpanes that use the 2 mini-sas o address 16 drives ?

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