New GA P55 BIOSes released - new DVID setting?

Gigabyte released some new BIOSes (is that the correct plural??) for what looks like all of their P55 boards last week. Has anyone had a chance to apply them yet? What sort of differences have you found?

On their website (I checked the P55M-UD2, P55-UD4p and P55-UD6), they list the following changes:
1. Enhance memory capability
2. Improve KMPlayer and GOM Player compatibility

But on another site I found the following which includes a third item:
1. Enhance memory capability
2. Improve KMPlayer and GOM Player compatibility
3. Feature Dynamic Vcore

References in that thread make it appear that #3 is a fix to the problem where idle V never drops on OC'ed boards. One site it links to says:
New beta BIOS already in testing for selected group for GA-P55 series mobo's.
1.Added new Feature "Dynamic Vcore(DVID)"
2.Turbo mode(multi-adjustable)directly lowering CPU voltage, to the idle voltage when is OC
Core speed 4 GHz,Core voltage 1.4000V-IDLE

Also, here's another translated page:
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  1. I have updated my bios on my P55-UD4P

    my problems was ramdon lockups and video playback

    And the mouse pointer getting bigger pain in the ass thing

    i have f4t now and been good the problems went away useing CAT 9.10 for my HD 5850 used driver sweep to uninstall old cats

    only thing now i guess is to update my mobo drivers but i dload them and it wants to extrct them somewhare not sure whare to but them :/

    anyways i used a usb flash drive way to update the bio

    see my other thread P55-UD4P build bil has i link to a site with a good step by step to update the bios


    And BTW i used the bio off gigabytes website
  2. Blink and another BIOS is released. It's dated 6-Nov but yesterday I updated my BIOS and this new version was not there. I guess I'll be moving my GA-P55M-UD2 to F4n tonight. I've still got an error being reported with the RAM ('corrupted memory') when the machine goes to sleep and subsequently it's timings are running incorrectly when waking up. Keep hoping a BIOS change will fix it.

    The only new information listed for F4n is 1) it confirms that it is Beta (for some reason F4k did not include that label) and 2) it states that it fixes iPhone sync issues. Otherwise it just has the generic 'Enhance memory capability' and 'Improve KMPlayer and GOM Player compatibility' descriptions that other BIOS versions have also had.

    Haven't had time to look into this Dynamic Vcore feature yet but I'll try to do that before and again after I update BIOS.
  3. Here's some additional information I found about the new BIOS; I quote:

    Major changes between F3f and F3n BIOS (released November 6, 2009) on Gigabyte P55-UD3R Rev 1.0 :

    Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.):

    1) Advanced Frequency Settings:

    * CPU Clock Ratio = added 1 extra multiplier to all Core i5/i7 processors which can be accessed when Turbo Mode is Disabled (i.e. static overclocking mode). New available upper multipliers are as follows:

    i5 750 = 21x (up from 20x)
    i7 860 = 22x (up from 21x)
    i7 860 = 23x (up from 22x)

    * CPU Clock Drive increased to 800mV from 700mV (should help to improve stability)
    * PCI Express Clock Drive increased to 900mV from 700mV.

    2) Advanced Voltage Settings Tab

    *Added Dynamic Vcore (DVID) setting = this allows dynamic voltage reduction of VCore between idle and overclocked modes. To activate, please follow these steps:

    CPU VCore = set to Normal (from Auto or actual stable overclocked voltage, 1.3000V for me)
    Dynamic VCore = select the additional extra voltage which is required to reach stability from stock voltage (1.19375V for me) to required overclocked voltage at specified overclocked frequency. In practice:

    F3f BIOS:

    CPU VCore = 1.3000V (unable to lower voltages in idle mode, therefore results in 1.280V in idle and 1.3000V at load)

    F3n BIOS:

    CPU Vcore = Normal (nominal voltage of 1.19375V)
    Dynamic VCore (DVID) = +0.10625
    Effective CPU Vcore at Load = still 1.3000V (now able to lower voltages in idle mode to 0.9600V)

    *** Dynamic VCore does not work if CPU VCore is set to Auto or to an actual voltage number. Therefore, to get Dynamic VCore to work in idle mode when CPU is manually overclocked, the CPU Vcore MUST be set to Normal first *** (thanks vshin) Don't forget to set all Voltage Power Saving technologies (i.e., C3-C7 states, EIST, etc. ) to Enabled.

    Credit to the source:
    Full thread:
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