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all basicly the same things... just one is a little cheaper moves more air/but more noise(maybe it doesn't give a lower end db)
other 2 are the same?? one doesn't come with thermal paste one does ? but the one that does doesn't have "pwm"

would just like some opinions.. looking for a cheapish heatsink to get with $$ off for newegg that i have... looking to get one today and some quick opinions would be appriciated as i cant really tell the difference between all the xigmatek HS's :(

i realize that usually the 212+ is usually recommended as a budget cooler but its 30+7 shipping atm and it think the xigmatek is the best alternative

cpu is Athlon ll x3 435
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    I own the xigmatek gaia on a 955 am3 build and it's a great cooler. Idles at 32C and it sets up in a horizontal orientation. Because my case has only 1 90mm fan for exhaust on top and a 120mm exhaust at the back the gaia is optimal in that respect.

    Very quiet stock fan and you really won't need another fan to put on the opposite side for an exhaust as the one fan is more than enough.

    They don't seem to be any different other than one not having copper pipes. Just pick one :P
  2. Thnx for the only response (Best**) :D
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