Should I wait until I upgrade to get a new PSU?

i was wondering if I should get a new PSU now or wait until I upgrade to get a new one, my specs are in my sig. I was looking at a corsiar 850TX from amazon for 108 after MIR ( I have a 50$ amazon gift card). But since the one I have now is working fine (draws 330 load). Should I wait, or just get the new one now?
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  1. The components listed in your sig do not require very much power.

    Why do you want an 850 watt power supply? Do you have a list of components for a future upgrade? It would help if you listed the upgrade components you are thinking about.
  2. Sorry about that, Yes the powersupply is for a future upgrade, but will be powering my low power system until that happens (xmas maybe), the powersuppy i have know is an antec earthwatts 380, and the system draws 330 watts on load. The system the 850tx will hopefully supply will be something like this

    i7 920 or next high AMD proccessor

    dual 5000' series cards, or gtx 300's

    couple 7200rpm drives

    something like that

    I"m getting the 850 because its only like 15 dollars more than the 750
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    Hmmm.....dual 5000 or dual GTX 300 graphic cards? I'm afraid I can't offer any advice because I do not know what the power consumption will be for those cards when they do come out. My inclination would be to wait until the video power consumption data is available. Does the Amazon gift card have an expiration date? If it doesn't, then you could wait and use it when you know what the power requirements are.
  4. Well it was just supposed to be a future proof upgrade (hahaha). But anyway I think I'll wait, until I know what the power requirments are and until I get a whole new sytem, but then we are looking at buying a PSU, CPU, MOBO, Ram, And graphics cards all at once, and that will cost a lot. Maybe I'll just get the PSU, CPU, and MOBO. When the new cards come out, so I know the Power requiremnt, then wait a little while for prices to go down and get them and ram.

    quick side question, can you use dual channel ddr2 in a x58 mobo?
  5. No. The new Intel x58 1366 motherboards require DDR3 memory. Sorry!
  6. didn't think so, dual channel ddr3 will work though.
    Guess I'll just wait a little while and save up some more money.
  7. tkgclimb said:
    didn't think so, dual channel ddr3 will work though.
    Guess I'll just wait a little while and save up some more money.

    Good move...
  8. DDR3 memory is pretty cheap nowadays anyway.
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