OC Genie or Manual?

i have the msi p67a-gd65 which has the oc genie ii button. if u press it, it automatically oc's cpu to 4.2ghz. im a noob at oc'ing. wondering if i should use the button or learn to oc manually
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  1. im a noob also and have the same board...I used oc genie also but i feel like it overclocks the voltage a little bit to high..Here's a video from pcwizkid on youtube that has the same board as us and he shows you how to overclock it..


    also in the cpu forums at the top Mrface explains how to overclock also he also has the same board as us...So far i've had this board for over 2 weeks now and im loving it...the features are great...bios is really easy to use and the video genie is amazing for gaming and watching videos..Also what i did was use oc genie and went to the bios and checked what the settings were at the bios when oc genie was up...
  2. You might want to check your volt to your cpu I used the intel oc program that came with my motherboard and it took it to 4 ghz but the volts were at 1.4 which is too high.
  3. better oc ia bios , tihis's betetr than OC genie :
    Guide for OC SB : http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/265056-29-2600k-2500k-overclocking-guide
  4. ^ +1

    OC Genie is dreadful because it is so conservative on its voltage (WAY too high for 4.2ghz)

    Use the guide linked by henydiah, mrface's overclocking guide is probably the best guide for newbies in overclocking.

    It also helps that mrface is an active member of tomshardware and if you run in to any trouble you should pm him

    One thing he does not mention is to changing your vcore but that's not that hard;

    if you have questions let me know

    Side note: P67A-GD65 is a very good mobo for overclocking and the UEIF interface does make it a little easier for first time overclockers.
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