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Before anyone says anything, I know there are threads on this all the time, but I have a rather unique situation. I have an asus p6t and an i7 920, but the memory I am running is a 2x2gb dual channel corsair dominator gt set. I didn't realize the difference between dual and triple channel when I bought it, but now I do. Should I try and return the memory and get a 6gb set? Is there going to be a significant performance difference? (The price difference for this ram is pretty substantial)
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  1. also, is there an actual difference in dual vs triple channel memory? is it just whether or not you have an odd or even number of sticks, or is the memory actually different?
  2. The memory is different.

    If possible I'd get a refund on the Dominators and get the XMS3 series instead. They're cheaper and you'll never even notice the difference as the XMS series is no slouch itself.

    Going triple channel can provide an increase in frame rates for gaming and performance increases in many applications. It's not a huge increase but it is noticeable.
  3. So am aware that this is a subjective decision, but it turns out that one of my motherboard slots is dead so I can't run triple channel anyway... is the performance difference worth RMAing the mobo?
  4. RMA it. I never advise people to hang onto a defective product. Some defects can have a cancer like effect creating other problems down the road.
  5. Hmm..for an i7, yes I would RMA it because think of ram as a highway lane. Whats better having three highways lanes or two?...if you have three highway lanesyou will have much less traffic and everything will go faster. Thats how it works and an i7 on the 1366 works best with three memory modules vs two. The difference won't really kill you or anything but it will be noticable and you wouldn't be taking full advantage of a 280 dollar CPU and 200+ dollar motherboard.
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