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Hi guys,

I purchased an new pc with 2600K. My friend will overcklock it for me as i asked him, cause i am new to pc and do not know much about them per now.

My question is: The difference between 3.9 ghz and 4.5 ghz, if my cpu will work at 4.5, in what aspects it will be faster?( I would be great if you guys would tell me programs or other thing which work better at this speed) Mostly i am a big gamer. I game a lot. Also sometimes i use photoshop CS 5, sony vegas pro, fraps and other video editing and sound recording programs.

So guys, is there a real need for 4.5 ghz speed or 3.9 ghz is more then enough?
BTW, if my cpu will work at one of those speeds, in games or in programs, is it goona increase its speed up to 3.9ghz/4.5 ghz automatically or it will increase it depending on the particular the game or program?

Thank you for your help,

I really appreciate it!
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  1. Thanks for info. But i still have 1 question regarding the the cpu speed. For example, if i will be playing a game or use a program, is the speed gonna rise up to 4.5 or 3.9 (depending on my overcklock) automatically or only if this current program requires it?

    Thanks you

    Regent Square
  2. My understanding is that the clock rate will only hit the maximum speed if needed, but it does so automatically.
  3. Thanks for help guys! I rely on you so much, as i have nobody to help me with pc things! Thank you !
  4. That is what the Tom's forums are for.
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