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SSD when to buy?

I've been considering getting an SSD for my desktop machine. I have plenty of storage space on other drives, so this SSD would only need to be around 128GB (or maybe the next size up) which should be enough as I'm currently running my system off a 150Gb partition.

My intention is to get an SSD that will improve game load times and system boot-up time.

My question is basically is now a good time to buy? I'm not in any rush and if the prices are likely to drop substantially in the next 4 months (which is my suspicion since it's still newer tech) or so I'm willing to wait.

If this is the case what would be a good price to buy at? I know people talk about the $1/Gb pricepoint, but how quickly do you think we'll get there?

and what brands/models should I be looking at
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  1. Hi.

    For OS and applications a 64GB SSD is more that enough. Do you really need a 120GB SSD?

    You can wait some weeks more to the new Intel SSD series, but if you really want buy now, I'd go with Crucial.
  2. For games I find I need more space. At 64 gb it'll probably mean swapping games out when I'm no longer playing them, which I'd rather not do in case I'd like to go back to them, or in the case of Steam games would require re-downloading.

    So I think 128Gb would be what I would need.

    What is a good price for a 128GB ssd these days? and what has the price trend been like?
  3. Do you really need install the games on SSD? that won't give you any performance advantage on games.
  4. True... I suppose only load times.
    I never considered installing them on anything but my system drive. Formatting and re-installing windows would also involve manually deleting the game folders (on another hard drive) and re-installing no?
    Would you install other programs to other locations in that case as well rather than the default C:\Program Files?
  5. You can install the programs in any location that you want, even Office can be installed in a different partition of boot partition.

    Regarding the games and applications, yeah, when you do a clean installation you need re-install both, games and applications. Just make you sure that you do a backup of your files and profile's player before the clean installation, that's will save you the process and configuration of the game.
  6. One thing that happends on my Win 7 box at home - my kid has a lot of games installed (thanks Steam!!) and the WinSxS directory (holds dlls) is huge. I have windows & a few apps on C, most of the apps on D, but my C drive is near 60GB now.
  7. Agree, Steam is a little problem when you have the games there. You can change the Steam's download folder, Google it and you can find it.
  8. Yea, I think steam would probably be the only problem, but one solvable with the help of google.

    Well, what's a good price/model for a 64GB ssd?
    are there any specs that I should be paying attention to, and/or brands that I should stay away from?

    Like anything else I assume not all SSDs are created equal.
  9. Only one thing, if you find a "very good" SSD with lower price and excellent specs, think twice, Why so cheap if is very good?
  10. It's not the downloads, or the install location with Steam. It's with winsxs directory (all apps store DLLs there, but the games on my PC make up the bulk of installed applications)
  11. Personally I use a OCZ 60GB Vertex 2 series SSD for my OS.
    I also use a Intel X-25 series SSD for games (Arma II, Arma II OA, HOI3, Vic2).
    Indeed only 100 gigs of storage on a desktop may not seem like much.
    But it is very easy to maintain and keep nice and snappy.
  12. I like my Crucial C300 SataIII 64g. Holds Win7 64 Pro and a few games. 355mb/s satIII,
    265mb/s sataII read speeds.
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    I would go with 120GB if budget is not a major issue. And yes I'd expect prices to drop in 4 months as new generation of drives comes out.
  14. Wait 2 months - new drives are coming out soon.
  15. Sounds good, I think so I don't have to make too many substantial changes to the way I store things I'll wait for the 120 Gb drives to come down in price.

    Thanks for your help
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