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I just recently installed the HD 4870 (1gb) and downloaded the ATI 9.5 Catalyst. However, my catalyst does not have the fan control slider. When I check the graphics card using the GPU-Z program it shows my fan running at 39%, but only at 1 rpm. My FPS go down considerably after a few minutes of play. I have a 550 watt PSU (Rocket Fish) which is also brand new. Any ideas/suggestions?

Could an older MOBO be the reason this is happening? I have an ATI MOBO and run a AMD 64 2.2ghz w/ 2 GB DDR Ram. The MOBO is about 3 years old.
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  1. yes it does. Open up Catalyste Control Center, ATI OVERDRIVE tab, click the UNLOCK button, and then slide the fan control lever up to whatever you want. I generally crank it up past 60% when i game and turn it back down when i'm done. Leave the GPU and Memory clocks alone.. for now :)
  2. What is the specific card you have? I have seen some that do not report fan speeds and may not have fan control. Also, what are your idle and load temps? (HWMonitor is a great program for getting min/max temps on all of your components. GPU-Z will do it as well). Also, take a look in you case and see if the fan seems to be spinning decently fast.
  3. U have installed the Catalyst program at least 4 times. I opened up the Overdrive component every time and there is no fan slider. I have been talking to a friend on ventrillo and he says the same as you Doormat, but its simply not there. I think I may have one of the fans that does not report the speed. Idle.Load temps is about 53.

    My cpu would just restart mid-game when it was acting wierd. (BF2142) I really haven't gotten it all the way on line yet. It has always had one problem or another.

    **Diamond Radeon HD 4780 1 gb DDR5
  4. take a screenshot of your catalyst control panel (ctrl-printscreen) then copy paste it to paint then upload it to imageshack.

    53c is pretty good for a 4870 btw so i wouldn't worry about that.
  5. Sorry if this is an old post, but has this issue been solved?

    Same thing is happening to me, Catalyst and GPU-Z are showing I am running at 1 rpm, but I am definitely running like normal. GPU-Z is showing "GPU Temperature" at about 60 at idle. Any thoughts?

    Running a Core i7 860 with a Gigabyte motherboard and xfx 4870 1 gig. Thanks!
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