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Hi everyone, Im new to the forums. Wanted to hear some opinions on the best mid-tower case on the market, preferably in the sub-150 dollar range. I would love to have a quiet case with good cooling, or a case that would support a water cooling setup in the future. Have been leaning towards the p183 or 193. Thanks :)

As a side note, for tom's hardware, I absolutely love the charts you guys put out every year. by far the best tool for system builders trying to build quality, budget systems. I think the next chart that would be highly beneficial would be a computer case chart that measured both cooling and acoustics with a standardized test system. Just a thought, but nobody has anything like it, and for builders it would be very helpful.
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  1. I've always been partial to the CM690 or Antec 900. If on even more of a budget then the Antec 300.
  2. The CoolerMaster 690 and the Antec 900 that Kithzaru mentioned are both good cases. I know the Antec 900 is extremely popular with gamers. What I'm not sure about is water cooling.

    Recently I stumbled across a new case from LanCool which is a subsidiary of Lian Li. From the photos and reviews it looks like it has potential. It comes with pre-drilled holes on the rear panel for watercooling:
  3. A UK based magazine called "Custom PC" yearly do case tests with noise /temperature reviews etc
  4. ulysses35 said:
    A UK based magazine called "Custom PC" yearly do case tests with noise /temperature reviews etc

    This site is full of craps. The more expensive, the higher the rating is given. HAF932 beats Antec 1200 everywhere and still get a worse score.
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