Western Digital 2TB external usb causing computer to be slow.

I have a 2TB WD elements usb 2.0 external HDD but it is causing my computer to be slow. When it is plugged in the bios takes and extra 30 seconds to come up. Then when entering windows all my programs google desktop and sagetv load very slowly. It appears the drive is slowing down the whole system. Has anyone had this issue?

Windows 7
Amd 5400 x2
Asus m2n-e mobo
4 gigs ram
Asus dvdrw sata
4 internal WD HDDs sata
400 watt psu
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  1. Looks like you have the drive already plugged in before turning the computer on. Unplug it, then turn the computer on. Wait until Windows is loaded, then plug the WD drive.

    One of the reason BIOS takes longer to start is that it mighjt have the boot option looking for OS in USB drive, or boot order has USB drive as 1st option.
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