How to increase graphic card memory.

please tell me how to increase m graphic ca
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  1. Basically, what you have on the card is what you are stuck with.

    It has been years since graphics card manufacturers have included memory expansion sockets for adding more memory. Everything is now SMT (google it).

    You need specialized training and equipment to do this. A $10 Rat Shack soldering iron will not work.

    Then you need to find the memory chips.
  2. buy a new card.
  3. Yep, these days you need to make sure the card has enough memory to suite your needs when you buy it, you can't add it later.
  4. chand478 said:
    please tell me how to increase m graphic ca

    Hi chand478,

    You can share ur pc's memory(ram) with some particular gfx cards like this ,Go and buy this if u need to share and increase ur video ram!



    With regards!
  5. Aneesh, I checked both links and I saw nothing about sharing system memory.
  6. Oh sorry!! For the wrong links its my mistake,See this link

    This gfx card has a feature called Hyper memory,This gfx card has 512mb of onboard memory,and u can share 512mb of ur system memory to make it a 1GB gfx card!
  7. OK. I went looking. The base technology is about 4 years old. It's an interesting approach to the problem, costs a little speed, but looks like it may make some games playable on budget cards. Do the newer cards support it?

    I doubt if that's really what the OP had in mind, but it is a solution.
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