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I recently got around to buying my Zotac GeForce 9600GT. I needed a new video card, so I decided on getting this one, even if it didn't work. I'm pretty sure it is going to work though, I just don't want to mess my PC up. So here's the deal, My 9600GT should run with the PSU( link is below). I have a Dell 9100 Dimension Desktop," 2.8ghz dual core, 320gb hd, 4gb ram, etc. Now I am almost sure the problem can't be the PSU, its 500 watts and compatable. There are molar pins that came with the card, i dont know where to place them though. There is a 3 molar pin, with 2 on the backside ( I've found the 3 on the front that connect to the card, dont know where the other sidegoes..) and a 6 pin that i have no idea where to put. My PSU doesnt seem to have any molar pin entries in it, I dont think i canconnect anything in it, and lookin at my card, there is no 6 molar pin entries... If the molar pins are not the issue, then perhaps it is the hdmi cables. There are two signal heads, one is able to replace the graphic card, the other I am unsure of as to where it goes. The back of it seems to have a wire entry but I am unsure which wire... I overlap the new signal cable with the old one on the video card area on the external part ( obviously) and keep the normal signal cable for the monitor side ( since I am unsure if the other one is usefull) when I boot the pc, the card's fan does not spin, and the monitor stays on standby mode ( orange light) for some reason. So theres my misap, I dont know what the problem is, hopefully some of you guys know, been spendin all day on it. Please try to comment and help, I really aprriciate it.

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  1. The Zotac 9600 has a six pin power connection. Either plug in a six pin power connector labeled "PCI-Express" or use the six pin to 2 molex adapter and plug in 2 molex connectors.
    By the way Dynex is not a great brand of power supplies.
    Google an article on how to replace a power supply.
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