Core i7 920 D0 doing weird stuff?

Ok, this is my second i7 920 chip, the first one was the C0 stepping and I had it on a P6T Deluxe. The clocks stayed pretty consistent and at load would "overclock" to 21x133 like it is supposed to and would underclock to 12x133 at idle. I now have a D0 on the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R. At load it shifts to 21x144.2 (~3.03GHz). I actually think its pretty freakin sweet and I actually don't overclock. Is this a common "problem"? I (half assed) tried to find something about this on the web, but thought I would just ask the Tom's community and see if anyone could shed some light. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sorry, what's weird?

    The i7s go into turbo mode on single-core operations, giving that one core an overclock. It looks like the D0 stepping just goes a little further with its turbo mode.
  2. Well I kinda thought it was. Maybe thats just the diff between the C0 and D0. The C0 I had, at load, would go to the 21x multiplier like it should but the bus speed (or what ever it's called now) would stay at 132.9. I just thought it was weird that it jumped up to 144.2, that's all - I had just never seen it do that before!
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