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i want to replace the power jack with the new one in GQ zx 5361 laptop how to open the power jack and replace it
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  1. Good luck, your probably gonna end up with a dead laptop. Take it to a shop. Your gonna have to disassemble the whole thing and solder the new jack on. Odds of you screwing something up are higher then normal.
  2. Just observed my laptop, it seems you have to take it apart, remove all screws, pry that thing with a screwdriver, get to the jack and melt the right leads to take it out. Solder and put all back as it was.

    Was cleaning exhaust fan the other day, basically had to do everything above. Biggest pain was plugging back in paper thin bus wires. Hope they are longer then mine on your laptop.

    As for soldering, i just repaired power adopter plug which fell from the table. Had to replace old crappy steel wires on flexible copper ones. Everything went smooth. No need to buy new adopter.

    Explore your laptop, it would be rewarding time when you get it back to operating condition.
  3. If you have some electronics experience, I'd say go for it. Keep in mind that the very real possibility exists that you could FUBAR it, though.

    OTOH, it doesn't work now. I suspect that a repair shop would charge you around $100 - $150 to repair it.

    There are sites that will sell you a PDF'd service manual for $10 - $15. Google is your friend.
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