How do i find the right CPU??

I am looking to get a new CPU because mine is quite dated. My problem is, i dont know a lot about CPU's. So far, i got my motherboard model, went to the website, found my model, and found the CPU's that are compatible. I also found that i need a 939 socket, and im looking for a AMD Athlon 64 X2. Anything else i need to know before getting a new CPU??
Thank you!
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  1. Well, i have a GeForce 9800 GTX, and 3 GB of RAM. Would i be able to take those out of this one, and put them in the new one??
  2. The ram is dead.
    Pick the cpu first, then look for the right motherboard.
    Then based on the motherboard, pick the ram.
  3. i think i found a fairly good computer that i could tweak out a bit, but im trying to keep it as cheap as possible, and it gives me the option for an integrated video card or a better one for more, but i have the 9800. so am i able to take out the integrated video card? im sorry, but it just makes it sound like you cant take the integrated video card out and replace it.
  4. Spin this a different way:

    What's your budget and what components are you looking at keeping?
  5. im shooting for 400-600
    im just looking to keep my video card, i dont really have much else to keep except my RAM, but i cant use that.

    i dont really want anything else except a good processor, a reasonable amount of memory, and about 3 or 4 Gigs of RAM, i have everything else.
  6. i think i found a good one, its a Dell Inspiron 546, it starts out cheap, but if i cuthomize it, it turns out really good, and only $409, but it gives me the option to get a integrated video card, which comes with the pc, or a real video, which cost extra, my question is, if i get the integrated video card, can i still put my 9800 in it?
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