Overclocking GTX 460 keeps reseting?!

Hello guys, so I recently overclocked my Galaxy gtx460 768mb with MSI afterburner and it seems to run pretty good for like 2 hours then resets to original settings. The screen turns black for a few seconds then every thing is back to stock. My computer does not freeze or anything

I am currently clocked to
900 mhz core
1800 shader
2100mhz shader.
My voltage is up'd to 1.087.

I get around 61-65c when playing SC2 and it seems to run fine.
I would assume that heating is not a problem.

Anyone have any ideas why its doing this? Let me know thanks!
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    Just sounds like an instable overclock. It might be temps, try GPUZ and look at the VRM and VRAM temps. But otherwise it might just be unstable and resets itself after a crash recovery.
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