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I need a new 24" monitor to replace my current Samsung 2493HM. I'm unhappy with this monitor because blacks are not black, the colors after many different calibration settings are still off, contrast is bad in dark parts of movies/games so I can't see what's going on,'s a TN panel, which I don't like much, but if I can find a TN panel that doesn't have the other problems I listed, I'll be happy. My budget is up to $600.

So this is what I need:

1. Must have decent response time for gaming
2. High contrast ratio/good blacks so black is actually black
3. Pretty accurate color
4. Good with displaying dark movies/games so I don't just see a grayish mess
5. A stand with height adjustment would be nice, but it's not needed

The only monitor that has caught my eye is the HP LP2475w, though I've read many reviews saying it's not fast enough for games.

Oh, and if anyone has a Samsung 2493HM and doesn't have the black + dark viewing problems that I have, please list all your settings. I'd love it if someone could do this for me, because it's possible it could be my settings.
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  1. cjl said:

    Wait for a sale (if you can), Dell seems to have one every month or two.
  2. Agreed - you should be able to pick that one up for $480-$520 or so, if you're patient. I got mine for $499.
  3. dell semms to have some colour issues(if you dont look at the screen yourself dont even think about buying it).Some ppl absolutely love its vivid colors and some hate it.So if you think about taking the dell screen,go have a look at it at your local store.Older 24" dell PVA monitors have an issue with repsonse time,but newer ones are way better so be carefull not to buy a stock model made about a year or more ago.

    From my experience at this budget range,and HPLP2475 is what you seek.

    and a review from worry its at english)

    I have 2465(the previous model) and im very happy about it.Black is black indeed,response times are good(and at 2475 are even better because it has H-IPS panel),and the screen is ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS for movies
  4. cjl said:

    Now thats a nice monitor :bounce:
  5. I'll try to get to BestBuy to see the Dell 2408WFP . I've heard many good things about it, but I have heard problems with color and a pink tint issue. I'm also worried about the response time.

    The HP LP2475 looks great, and I have read other reviews about it, but again the response time worries me and I've heard it has a green-to-magenta slide in color.

    I wish I could test run all these monitors...
  6. 5-6ms response time is plenty. Besides, on response time tests, my 2408WFP beats my SP2209 (which has a claimed 2ms response time), so I wouldn't put too much weight in the claimed specs.
  7. Okay. I'll try to find it and see if I like the colors.

    Are there any other monitors as good as these two?
  8. I found a new monitor. The NEC MultiSync WMGX3. Though I don't think it's available in the sounds like an amazing monitor. Does anyone know where I can find it?
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