LCD Monitor and 3D Display..

I needed an additional display and i ended up with this (VX2433)

I got it from costco for $219.00

I was very interested with 3D-ready monitor such as VX2265.

This is available online for $249.00 at and newegg,

For now i decided against it due to lack of actual 3d Application. It is limited to 1680x1050. The other thing is the actual hardware support is only from nvdia. I may be wrong.

Another to consider is by spending $299 i can get 25 inch HD TV (Samsung) which can function as HDTV and 1080P monitor.

I have no experience with Samsung, LG, & Acer. I welcome any inputs.

Observations on 4890 Video card....
1) I can get audio on both DVI output when configured DVI to HDMI. This is the 1st time that i use both DVI output on a single card (4890) at the same time.
2) The only DVI-to HDMI converter that i can get video & audio is the one that came with ATI-video card. I have not ohm-out the converters to determine the difference bet ATI and 3rd party converter. 3rd Party converter (DVI to HDMI) i can only get video but no audio. I will call Diamond Media to send me another ATI DVI-HDMI converter.

Any inputs or suggestion regarding these observations is welcome.

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  1. Samsung and LG make good monitors, I have a Samsung and I love it. Acer is on my HTPC build, and its also a good monitor. Personally I'd go for the 25" HDTV 1080p Samsung.
  2. just make shure the Refresh Rate is 120Hz or up if you want to use it with Nvidia 3D vision
  3. WELL personally i would wait for the 3D Monitors to become cheap and for 3D Projectors and 3D TV'S to hit the market....

    2010 is going to be the real year of 3D to the home user
  4. Hi there!
    I'm an expert in DVI and HDMI. I'm working in Silicon Image company, the one of the HDMI Standard contributors.

    If you try to convert DVI to HDMI, you must get Video only, not Audio. This is correct conversion, because DVI do not support and process Audio. HDMI devices designed to support DVI signals, but DVI devices do not support HDMI signals. That is, if you want transmit HDMI through DVI device, you may get Video, but it is not guaranteed that it have to work. But, HDMI devices must transmit DVI Video for sure, either it is ecrypted or unecrypted AV data. Some HDMI devices are designed to input DVI Video plus injected Audio from other Sourced than DVI, then HDMI devices combine them together and output HDMI AV.
    I hope it helps.
    You can read HDMI 1.4a latest standard to understand it's performance.
    HDMI is amazing latest CE technology!! Like internet communication in computer's world, HDMI is for DVD/HD player to HDTV, set top boxes, AV Receiver amplifiers. Advantage is that the only one HDMI cable requires for Video/Audio/Mobile connection/Ethernet/CEC HDMI devices communicaton protocol.
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