New SSD drives in raid 0

so i plan on buying 3 new SSD drives to put in raid 0. after reading a review this particular SSD is much faster when there's 3. but i can only afford 3 60GB drives

now my problem is that i have a 2 300GB Drives already in raid 0 filled with recorded tv from my tv tuner, i don't want to lose those files,and i am keep those HDDs and adding the SSDs. the 300GB drives have windows 7 already installed on them but i want to install windows 7 on my SSDs.

600GB of recorded tv that i want to keep is way too much to burn them to dvds, it would take a a lot of dvds back them up, so i don't want to do that.

what i want to do is: keep the recorded tv, remove windows 7 , and put windows 7 on the SSD.

i am unsure how to go about doing that. but i have a small idea that maybe you could expand on.

if i move all the TV to a folder on the root of C: drive then run the windows 7 disc then open CMD and then delete every windows file from the command prompt

would that work?

maybe you guys can think of a better idea.

thanks in advance

Edit: my computer info:
Windows 7 ultimate
Evga x58 le sli
12gb of ram
2x Velociraptor 300gb
2x 6850s in cf
core i7 950
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  1. Raid 0 with SSd is a bad idea. No trim support and your drives will get slower and slower.
  2. that doesn't answer my question, does anyone have any honest answers?
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    I can't think of an easy way to do what your asking with your existing hardware. I would buy a storage drive 1-2 TB ($50-90) and move everything to that and call it a day.
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