P7P55D Woe's - No Wireless Networking Once OC'd

Hi there,

I recently assembled my new computer and it consists of:

i5 750
ATI 5870
4GB Gskill RipJaws PC-16000 (2000mhz) DDR3
3X500 GB Seagates (RAID0)
OCZ GameXtreme 850W PSU
OS: Windows 7 x64

Now, when completely stock it works like a charm, but I didn't buy an i5 and P7P55D to run stock, so after overclocking I noticed that, while the computer is OCCT stable for HOURS, I lose ALL wireless internet functions. Only wireless (wired works, but not feasible given the location of my desktop). So I've tried a few things; I've exchange the mobo for a new p7p55d, installed a PCI wireless card, re-installed drivers about a 1000 times (it's a belkin 7050 v3 wireless adapater - win7 compliant), and PCI card is a DWA-552 D-Link.

I've even tried 3 other wireless adapters on the computer and all worked fine @ stock speeds, NONE worked as soon as I Overclock. I mean even increasing the BLCK by just 10 causes the wireless cards to fail, yet I can run stock speeds and 1.45 vcore no problem (that simply ruled out votage as my issue). I also re-installed Win7 x64 3 times, and reverted to Vista x64 - same issue. Then re-installed Win7 x64 again.

Suggestions? Similar stories? Bueller?

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  1. 5 750
    ATI 4890
    4GB Gskill RipJaws PC-16000 (2000mhz) DDR3
    antec 650w
    os: windows 7 x64

    I am having the exact same problem with the DWA-552 instaled the drivers a millions times as well tryed diffrent pci slots and dont really kno where to go from there. The card works for about 1 minute once i log into windows then it goes down. The card works perfect on other computers. Sounds like the exact same issue as 5point, any ideas would be a huge help?
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