ANTEC earthwatts 650 PSU enough for my current desktop setup?

I was wondering if my power supply ANTEC earthwatts 650 is enough power for my current desktop set up? I'm thinking its not. The phenom 2 takes 125w. and i figure another 50-80w or so for the hardrive,fans,mem, etc. Not to mention the power hungry GTX 295. minimum on the card is like 680w with at least a 48amp on a +12volt rail(i have no idea what that means) I was looking at the box the PSU came in and i didnt see any specs for a 12volt rail, maybe i didnt know what i was looking at. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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  1. First, here's a link to a technical review of the Antec Earthwatts EA650:

    The review indicates the Antec psu can handle one GTX280 video card.

    According to the NVIDIA web site the GTX 295's maximum power requirement is 289 watts. The recommendation of a minimum of 680 watts is for the entire computer system rather than just the video card. That includes all peripherals and components. For psu's with mutiple 12 volt rails a combined current of 46 amps on the 12 volt rails or more is needed to run the GTX 295.

    The EA650 has triple rails. Two of the 12 volt rails are rated at 22 amps each while the third rail is rated at 25 amps. The combined total will actually be less.

    Another technical review successfully ran the GTX 295 at full load using a Corsair HX 620 watt power supply. The HX 620 also has triple 12 volt rails rated at 18 amps each. However, the review did not state what programs were running.

    Finally, another technical review measured an Intel Core i7 system with a GTX 295. Measurements were taken at the wall outlet which means the readings were for the entire computer with all components. The measurements were taken while running Crysis at 1900x1200 resolution. They let Crysis run for one half hour before measuring. At load the total power consumption was 674 watts. At peak the total power consumption was 785 watts.

    EDIT - MAJOR CORRECTION - I MADE A VERY BIG MISTAKE - The totals of 674 watts at load and 785 watts at peak were for Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1,792MB Quad SLI. The correct totals for just a single Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1,792M is 433 watts at load and 460 watts at peak. I caught my mistake when I went back and checked the technical review and discovered the 295 was measured in both single mode and quad SLI mode.

    My apolgies for the error. I hope you're still around to see this because it now appears your Antec EA 650 should be sufficient
  2. IC, that makes sense now. so the 680 min that nvidia requires is for the whole system. I guess it all depends on what other accessories you have to power up also. thanks for your help, i think im going to get a new PS.
  3. Hopefully the OP will notice this.
  4. JohnnyLucky said:
    The HX 620 also has triple 12 volt rails rated at 18 amps each.

    HX620 is actually a single rail, but listed as triple.

    xbitlabs measured the GTX295 at 214W.
  5. the animal - Yes, I know. Most of the psu's listed as having triple rails are actually single rails and actual amperage is a little less than the combined total of the mutiple rails.

    I'm not surprised xbitlabs measured the GTX 295 at 214 watts. None of the articles I looked at measured just the card. Thanks for posting the information.
  6. I have an older Antec 650 watt PSU and the total 12 volt output is 52 amps. This is about right for a good 650 watt PSU.
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