GTX295 Issue

Hi ppl im getting a little problem with heat on my Asus EN GTX295 cuz when i run some games like crysis or battleforge my GPU reaches the 83 ºC and my computer crashes and i have to reboot it by force.
Can it be a Faultycard?

GPU:GTX295 @ 0% OC
Cpu:CORE I7 920 @ DEFAULT 2.66Ghz
Ram:Corsair 3*1 @ 1600mhz
Psu:Corsair TX850W
Case:Collermaster Haf 932
Hard Drive:1.5TB,160G,320G
Sound:Auzentech X-FI Forte
Optical Drives:2*Sata
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  1. does someone know ?
  2. Try running the games with the case open and see what happens. The temp you listed is within limits for the card but might not be for the mother board.
  3. mobo makes no differences, it could be the powersupply or the GPU.

    I would say the powersupply is plenty big enough but don't mean to say its not fautly. have you got any other computer you can test the card in ?
  4. i think that my psu is out off question cuz i stressed the graphic card buttt i need to get the fan to 100% and my pc didnt crash only when i reaches 83º 86º it freezes ... can it be faulty ?
  5. i used this time Furmark at the stability mode with extreme thingy and at 100% fan it got 87º stood there for some 40 seconds and then the miracle happends ... FREEZE so what could it be?
  6. It's nothing. I'd say half the GTX cards will freeze or give artifacts after 85 C. Yo can always try to underclock your GPU by 10% and see if that helps to stop the freezes during Crysis.
  7. :pfff: SLI on a stick = not a good idea (IMHO).
  8. so why are ppl with same card and can reach 95 or 105º and dont freezes .... kind of wierd
  9. can someone still give me a help here?
  10. Have you tried removing your sound card?
  11. why removing it ? its just 2 slots bhind of the graphic card
  12. Humour me, if you are sure it's not a temp issue then it's time to try something else, process of elimination and all that.
  13. but im not sure it is no the tempo cuz it only crashes when its 83/86º cuz on 70/75 it stills good
  14. xiterx said:
    but im not sure it is no the tempo cuz it only crashes when its 83/86º cuz on 70/75 it stills good

    you could try going into your bios look for jumperfree config or where ever you find pci-e freq make sure it is between 100-120 not auto cause quite frankully i don't trust mine so i always set it to 100 even if my cpu is at default clocks even though your mem controller differs to mine same principal applys,seen as you have the haffy i don't think air flow is you prob you could also look for loose screws on the card itself especially if you bought it cheap or overseas my 7800gtx had that problem,and make sure your cpu don't ventilate towards the card those cpu's can hit 60celcius no worries and your fansink only cools to ambient temp(inside case temp)you could check real ambient temp by hanging a small thermometer in between bottom of case and bottom of card should be no more than 40celsius if not hundred island idea sound good..P.S try dx9 instead of 10 1000's people wine about it crashing on 64bit dx10 may not be hardware afterall...LOL
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