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hey everyone, I've got a core i7 920 oc'd to 3.6ghz with a cooler master v8 which i just installed 3 days ago. I used arctic silver 5. I'm averaging about 35-40c on all 4 cores but I don't remember what my temps were with my intel stock cooler so I'm just wondering if these are normal temps for a v8 or if installed the AS5 or the cooler itself wrong?
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  1. Depends to some degree on the ambient temperature and whether or not those are the temperatures you're getting when the CPU is idling or if it's under a full load. Those temps are fairly low, so I'm assuming that they're idle or lightly loaded temperatures, and they look pretty reasonable to me.
  2. yeah sorry forgot to mention this is at 0.3% load
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    The stock cooler at idle will give you pretty similar results compared to a good aftermarket cooler, but being overclocked to 3.6Ghz the stock cooler will get you idle temps in the upper 40s to low 50s.

    At load the stock cooler will get up to 90, whereas a good aftermarket cooler should keep you in the mid 60s when overclocked to the degree you have.

    This is pretty fresh in my memory because I just switched from the stock cooler to a Xigmatek s1283 (also using AS5). Mine stays at about 30-32 idle, but mine's not OC'ed ATM either, but did do some OCing temp tests. I got up to the mid 70's stressed @ 3.6 (didn't go any higher).

    Your temps are pretty darn good IMO.
  4. alright thanks for the replys everybody
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