Format write protected USB drive

how i will format write protected USB drive
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  1. You can remove write-protection by right-click on it> properties> Security>check Allow of Write permission.
    Or, you can download and install a program like Killdisk, that allows you to "kill" - meaning zeroing- the drive, after that you can format it in whatever filesystem you want.
  2. what on windows 7. no security options :sleep: :sweat: :hello:
  3. Don’t worry! To format your write protected USB drive is not a difficult task:
    1. Remove the write protection:
    2. Copy off all your important data from this drive.
    You are supposed to back up all your important data on this drive before you format it. If you cannot access these data somehow and cannot back up them, neither, you could try a USB drive recovery freeware that has ever restored all my data back form a mistakenly formatted drive. It is worth a shot:
    3. Format hid drive:
    My computer=> right click your drive => Format => Quick Format
    Or you could use a format tool:
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