Computer not starting properly

to start my computer i have taken power switch off 2 wires hanging out of case.Touch wires together no start,hold wires together for 10 seconds or so, take apart and touch together, fans start and cd writer compartment will open on request.To get computer to boot press reset button one beep heard and computer boots up. Once running no problems. Why wont it start properly any ideas please.
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  1. Sounds to me like both Power and Reset wire connectors may be crossed... the Reset switch seems to be acting like the Power Switch... the two wires you pulled out may be the Reset wires.

    Most motherboard makers publish a PDF manual for each of their products. So you can find the manual for yours and see exactly how the front panel connectors are supposed to fit on the motherboard header. You can find the user manual searching for your motherboard's Make & Model followed by pdf manual or donloads
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