DELL Inspiron 530 upgrade ?


I was thinking about upgrading by PC, but I'm not sure whats the best way to do it on a medium budget.

DELL Inspiron 530 E4500 2.2Ghz
Hard drive 320GB 7200rpm SATA
RAM 2048MB (2x1024) 667MHz DDR2
Video Card 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8300Gs
Windows XP

It plays ut2k4 and CSS ok at mo..... but struggles with UT3, COD4 and Crysis

Was wondering whats the best way to upgrade with spending over the top.
What graphics card would be compatible, I dont need to play theses games at the highest details, medium would be fine.

Also if my PC RAM is DDR2 is it ok to put in a Graphics card that has DDR3 or higher RAM ?

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  1. Newegg has a nice MSI 9600gt for $69 after rebate.
    Yes on the ddr3
  2. ty for the quick respone :)
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