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just added a new samsung 250 Gb sata drive to an HP Pavillion dv9646em laptop as a second drive in spare drive bay (main drive is only 160Gb and I wanted more storage). Computer boots up and runs fine but I cannot see the additional drive. I have tried the usual route through control panel, admin, computer, storage, but just not there. Help please.
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  1. Does it show up in your BIOS? Check to make sure the power and SATA cable is connected correctly.
  2. Hey Davew_45,

    In addition to what anonymous1 said, if you have another computer, see if the same problem is with a different computer. Also check your disk management and verify whether the drive is there. If it is unallocated, then you have to format first before it can be seen by the computer.

    Hope this helps you with your question!
  3. Check to see the drive is in Disk Managment, select initiate, then create new partition and finaly format it, use quick format or you will be there for hours.
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